GIVE Foundation

I am a founding member and the VP of Communication of a mental health organization at USC called GIVE Foundation. Our main mission is to help spread mental health resources, knowledge, and practice to college students. We take on this mission creatively — in forms of podcasts, videos, blog posts, and more.


VP of Communication

Founding Member


Jun 2020 - Present


Adobe Photoshop

Key Skills:

Social Media

Strategy Planning


During the summer of 2020, I went back home to Taiwan amid the pandemic. I quarantined at home and I was miles apart from my friends. Although I was with family, staying at home everyday eventually took a toll on my mental health. There were days where I just felt very unhappy. When I told my friends on how I have been feeling, they also mentioned they felt the same way.


We realized that many students were feeling down during this period, but there was a lack of mental health support and resources provided specifically for college students.


We decided to create a mental health organization that will help normalize conversations of mental health with students through podcasts, blogs, and videos. Because we lack the professional expertise, we believe our most valuable source of information is our own individual experiences with mental health as college students. Through our stories, we hope to destigmatize mental health and show students that they are not alone.

As the VP of Communication, I am primarily in charge of managing the website and our social media accounts. I plan and write copy for all social media posts. I also help in creating some of the graphics. Beyond building the online presence of our organization, I also help spread word of GIVE through communicating with professors and promoting to students in club fairs.

To learn more about GIVE, visit our website, Instagram, and Spotify.

If you have some extra time, check out our podcast: The Give Experience.

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